Docker Jekyll Pages Release 0.2.0

Since I’ve forked the dockerjekyllpages from DonMcNamara/dockerfiles just over a year ago to run my blog I’ve done some changes – improvements in my eyes. To make them usable for others I frequently built the image on the docker hub and now even tagged release 0.2.0 on GitHub as well as on the docker hub.

Changes include:

  • Update base image, ruby and thus jekyll
  • Reorganize file structure
  • NGINX: also serve pages without .html
  • NGINX: deliver 404 status codes
  • NGINX: serve custom 404 pages
  • Build process: install dependencies from Gemfile
  • Build process: specify branch to checkout
  • Build process: build from volume
  • Update README

My planes for the future can be seen in the issue tracker.

Feel free to use the container and and send me pull requests or just write issues.