A Visual SHACL Shapes Editor Based On OntoPad

Natanael Arndt, Andre Valdestilhas, Gustavo Publio, Andrea Cimmino, Konrad Höffner, Thomas Riechert
in Joint Proceedings of the Semantics co-located events: Poster&Demo track and Workshop on Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modelling of Digital Twins co-located with Semantics 2021, Amsterdam, 2021-09
Download Paper, RDF (Turtle)


On the Semantic Web, vocabularies and ontologies play a fundamental role to express the terminology and rules of certain domains. New technologies like SHACL provide the possibility to express data schemata specific to certain data sets, applications, and domains. However, the domain modeling process is collaborative and when using RDF, it requires technical knowledge. In this paper, we present a tool to support a two-step-process to model a terminology and a schema with a combined graphical RDF Schema editor and visual SHACL editor. This tool allows domain experts to create a terminology and schema without the need for a deep understanding of RDF Schema or SHACL.